Sunday, January 3, 2016

Capt. Hook Lobster Co.

Sea Port Model Works asked me to design a structure for their HO waterfront trade show display. I built the display in 2008. Thousands of people had seen the display and it was time for a "new look." 

I removed some of the structures, rebuilt some, and scratchbuilt several others. I created a long empty pier area by removing several little structures. This is where Capt. Hook Lobster would go.

I remember when I owned my lobster business occasionally going to Boston to sell lobsters to Hook Lobster Company. They were on Atlantic Ave. next to the water. It was an interesting building that unfortunately burned down just after I retired.

I took my recollections of the structure and several newspaper photos and created this fanciful representation of Hooks. It's presented as an easy to build kit consisting of three separate structures. You can build each one as a free standing building or joined, as shown in the photos. It can be on the water or on land, or anywhere you need an interesting building.

The photos show it before any roof detail or signage was added. When I mount it permanently on the display I'll post a finished view.

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