Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's been a while...

It's been a year since I posted anything new here. I'm sorry for you folks who were checking back periodically but my life got in the way. I've been really busy with model railroad, family and cooking projects.

Last fall I released a new DVD titled "EASY SCENERY from start to finish." It's available through this website.

The DVD shows building landform scenery from using cardboard strips, plaster cloth, and Sculptamold.

Doug Foscale shows you how to carve rocks in plaster and color them. I show you how to add cast plaster rocks, and then paint them using Poly Scale paints.

Next I add add ground cover and build trees. Hal Reynolds shows you how to use a wire twisting tool to build pine trees and weeds. I build a simple waterway using Woodland Scenics water products.

As a disclaimer I must say that some of the topics included in EASY SCENERY are also included in my Building Landforms DVD. Only in EASY SCENERY I use different materials, colors and methods to achieve similar results. EASY SCENERY takes you to the end of the scenery building process - finished scenery.

The 23 chapters include:

Building Mountains

Making rocks - two ways

Ballasting track - the easy way

Coloring rail

Cutting an shaping foam scenery

Painting rocks - two different ways

Modeling water

Adding scenic texture

Building a dirt road

Making weed trees

Making twisted wire trees

And, putting it all together to make a finished scene

Most of the tools and materials used in EASY SCENERY can be obtained from Micro Mark.

Please stayed tuned I'm going to do my best to post something informative and interesting every week. Thanks for checking back.