Thursday, March 27, 2014

The village blacksmith

I found a box of Fine Scale Miniature castings I didn't know I had. So I went about painting them and adding several to this little Banta HO blacksmith shop. I had to scratchbuild the forge from a block of wood and some brick paper. I put a little LED in the forge to represent glowing coals. I had several painted tools left over from some long-ago and forgotten project so I added them in the corners. I should have added board ends and nail holes to the flooring - maybe next time.

For the exterior I colored the wood plank siding with some old Floquil Stains plus alcohol dye and India ink. The roof is Paper Creek printed tarpaper with the shadowing effect added using pastel chalks. 

The signs are from everywhere and they need more weathering to tone them down and make them look like they've been sitting in the sun for a decade. 

Most signs you find included with kits are way too big to look correct on a model - take the NOTICE sign on the front of the building. It would look much nicer at about half the size.