Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wicked Good Burgers

For many years I was a member of a World Championship BBQ Team called iQUE. We won the Jack Daniels Invitational in 2009. The "Jack" is the World Series of competitive BBQ.

Two of the team members produced the book Wicked Good Barbecue last year and this year their latest offering is better than ever. It's called Wicked Good Burgers and it's a book for everyone who likes to grill.

Wicked Good Burgers is the latest offering from Andy Husbands and Chris Hart. These guys have been cooking together since high school and together founded Tremont 647 - a 20-year old and very successful restaurant in Boston's south end. 

Together they've produced a book full of interesting recipes for burgers and all the accompaniments, even milk shakes.  Wicked Good Burgers is full of interesting ideas for the next time you have a family cookout or get together, or just need a burger fix. 

Wicked Good Burgers contains chapters on:
The basics of burgers
Burgers 101
New American classics
Where's the beef?
Burgers beyond borders
You want fries with that?
That's a frappe

Buy the book, you'll love it. Amazon has it now for $13.64.

BTW, Many of the photos in Wicked Good Burgers were shot last summer during the Harpoon New England BBQ Championship in Windsor, VT. Half the team brought the food, props and lighting equipment to shoot the book photos while the other half of the team (including me) was competing in a BBQ contest - it was crazy busy. As an added perk I got to sample many of the "props" after the photos were taken. These were GREAT burgers!

A photo idea for the book was to show folks enjoying burgers. The team put out a table of condiments (cheese, homemade relishes, pickled ramps, pickled red onions, mushroom duxelle, meat chile, etc) and then brought out baskets full of burgers for the public to try. 

There were thousands of people attending the Harpoon event and the idea was amazingly successful. Everyone loves a free meal and folks helped themselves to burgers and the fixings. Ken Goodman, the photographer, got great photos of folks enjoying the burgers. 

BTW Ken worked as a chef in and around Boston for 15 years before he reinvented himself as a top-notch food and music photographer. 

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