Saturday, April 13, 2013

More weekend odds and ends...

While casting about looking for suitable train scenes for the cover of my Scenery Book I shot this scene on Bob Hayden's Carrabasset & Dead River Ry. The layout is HOn30   (HO scale on N gauge track) resided for many years in Bob's basement in Milwaukee, WI. The diesel engine is from Bemo and would pull the string of cars you see in this photo.

Alas, the layout is long gone but Bob tells me he's planning another at his new home in Santa Fe, NM.

Here's a product shot of the Fine Scale Miniatures  Crocker Bros. Feed and Grain. An HO kit produced by George Sellios many years ago. This was a nice kit to build. Very straight forward construction, good instructions producing beautiful results.

This is a section of the large CitiBank display Clark Dunham Studios built many years ago. There were many loops of track producing lots of train action. It was displayed during the Holiday season in New York.

The base of the city in the background is blocks of Styrofoam that all fit together like a puzzle. Each model builder would pull out a block, take it to the workbench and add the structures. It was an interesting idea that allowed many model builders to work on the same scene.

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