Sunday, April 28, 2013

More odds and ends...

This is the HOn30 sugar mill I scratch built for my little plantation railroad. It's made from cardboard covered with Northeastern faux corrugated metal siding. The siding is a hard paper that's been run through a die to make it corrugated. I like it a lot better than dealing with real corrugated aluminum. I used two sizes of windows to force the perspective a little - the larger ones on the lower level and the smaller windows in the clerestory. The model still needs a finish paint job to blend the look of the rust with the color of the metal.

This is Foster's Toothpick Mill in Strong, Maine. I post this photo postcard to show just what a nice kit it would make. It's got everything an old-time industry should have plus it's real. There are way too many Disney-style structures on the market today.

Years ago, on my bucket list, was a visit to Kauai Plantation in Hawaii. I stayed on the island for two of the best vacation weeks ever. 
During my visit they were in the process laying track and restoring the rolling stock. I never did ride on the little train but got a lot of nice photos.

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  1. The sugar mill looks great Dave! Will we get to see the layout soon, or just bits and pieces?