Friday, April 26, 2013

Thatcher's Inlet

Here's a picture from the center spread of Railroad Model Craftsman in 1972. It's Thatcher's Inlet. A small waterfront layout modeled in HOn30 (HO scale using N gauge track.) This was a fun little layout to build and, according to the feedback I've received, it influenced many modelers to try HOn30 and to take a closer look at the Maine 2-footers.

With this layout Bob Hayden and I were looking to create a scene reminiscent of several waterfront villages we'd visited in Maine.

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  1. You can't know the excitement I felt when a new set of photos of the Elk River or Thatcher's was advertised on the cover of Railroad Model Craftsman, Dave! The aura you two managed to project through expert modelling and photography was like nothing I'd ever seen.
    You inspired me to learn how to make scenery, and my work has appeared not only on my own projects, but in custom layouts and in movies and on TV. And I'm looking forward to a new layout with the same Minitrains engines that got you started in HOn30!