Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I ordered this two DVD set from Darryl Huffman. It was $33.00 including shipping.

The DVD's were produced by Roger Malinowski of Stoney Creek Designs and they show how Roger uses PanPastel to completely color a wood structure kit. The DVD's are professionally produced and the how-to-do-it video is crystal clear. The total viewing time is nearly three hours.

When the DVD's showed-up I put the first DVD in the player and followed along for two hours of non-stop kit building and then coloring using the PanPastels. 

On the kit building level alone this is the best instructional video I've seen lately. It shows how Roger, a professional model builder, assemblies the 1/4" scale Stoney Creek Boarding House kit.

Then he colors the scale wood using PanPastels. This is a dry powder which is more like pancake make-up than powdered chalk. It stays where you put it and a little goes a long way. After application it can be sealed on the wood surface using a flat acrylic varnish. The varnish will not dull the color.

This is what he says about PanPastels:
• Mixable - mix & layer like paint to create an infinite number of colors
• Low Dust - quick, clean “no mess” alternative to powders and sticks
• Quick & Easy - no drying or prep. time - colors are instantly ready for use
• Erasable - simply erase or clean off color (prior to clear coat)
• Ultra fine - highly pigmented color formulations - like using pure pigment
• Realistic effects - more natural appearance does not look “painted on”
• Compatible - with spray fixatives and other flat finishes
• Easy Application - apply with standard brushes or "Sofft Tools"

He uses PanPastels to color the wood parts of the kit instead of paint. Roger does use alcohol/shoe dye washes to age some of the wood before the PanPastel treatment. Just this tutorial on aging the wood pieces is a technique every model builder should have in their bag of tricks. 

If building kits is the main thrust of your model railroad hobby then you should have this set of DVD's in your library. You'll refer to them time and time again. And, the DVD's are set-up in the chapter format so you can go directly to that chapter and topic without skimming through the whole show.

The two DVD set is a bargain at $30.00. You can either buy it from Roger or from Darryl Huffman. You can tell I enjoyed this presentation and learned a lot. Buy it, you'll like it!

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