Sunday, March 24, 2013

The C&DR Ry.

Here's a table top set-up shot on the HOn30 C&DR Ry. All the items in this photo have been placed to get a pleasing picture.

The HOn30 diesel was made from an N gauge Fairbanks Morse diesel with a Mini Trix HO cab. These were/are nice little diesels and I have three that still run just fine after 40 years of service. The boxcars were both scratchbuilt and kit made. The gondola car was scratchbuilt.

I like Lubriplate (black graphite suspended in Alcohol) to lubricate all these little engines.
I think it's the secret to getting good running qualities from these little engines. The other thing I always did to get these engines broken in quickly, was to remove the motor and connect the drive shaft to a variable speed electric drill and run the drive train for several hours at medium speed, adding lubricant to replace the stuff that flew off the gears. I think the Lubriplate also helped the gears "wear-in."

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