Monday, March 25, 2013

A shot for a Test Track product review in RMC many years ago. I don't remember who offered the structure kit but I managed to dress it up enough so the building almost disappeared. The lobster is from a swizzle stick I found in the mixed drink I ordered from Anthony's Pier 4 on the Boston waterfront. After I saw the lobster I just had to order several more drinks to get more lobsters.

The tree is a large piece on sage brush I got from Sweetwater Scenery. They may still be in business although the owner passed away many years ago. 

The other details were from my box of props that I used for every table top product review shot. I think the outboard motor came from a Revell tugboat kit. The piles of plywood were cut from furniture veneer and the boat, in the background was built from a plastic kit. 

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