Sunday, March 24, 2013

Making ink jet "decals."

My Friend Hal Reynolds of Atlantic Scale Modelers sent me a link showing how to use your ink jet printer to make a "decal" from an image and then transfer the image to wood. This process has a ton of applications for modelers especially those want to add signage directly to the side of a building.

I tried the process with this sign I copied from the Internet (above.) I clipped the black edge from the sign in Photoshop and then printed it on the prepared paper as shown in the video.

Here's the first sign applied to a wood base which has a crinkled or cracking surface.

You can see how the ink jet ink has bled into the wet matte medium gel but the sign is useable and looks weathered.

I tried making smaller signs and I applied them to different wood bases. Here's two different sized signs applied to ship's deck planking.

I think they may look better on a white or light gray background.

I'm going to experiment with different sign on different wood backgrounds. I may even try a few on plastic or plaster.

Follow the steps in the link and you'll be making good looking signs in no time.

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