Friday, April 4, 2014

Fiddletown water tank

I needed a water tank that looked somewhat like the cartoon water tank in Carl Fallberg's Fiddletown & Copperopolis book. I didn't have a tank on hand but I did have some parts left over from an ancient project - a plastic water tank and roof. I think the parts are from Atlas. 

I used the cartoon as a guide to build the wooden supports and cribbing that hold the weight of the tank full of water. These were made from scrap wood and then spray painted with a Krylon Camo dark brown. The Camo colors dry dead flat and are great as a base color or primer for model builders.

The cartoon showed a shingled roof so the first step was to sand away the existing metal roof detail on the plastic roof and then shingle the roof. I used left-over scraps from Paper Creek and Wild West. They're slightly different colors so I washed the finished roof with a raw umber Apple Barrel acrylic color and then dry brushed with earth and then white. My goal was to blend the two different shingle colors into one homogeneous roof. 

The plastic tank was a brown color but I wanted it to be yellow. So I masked the roof and bottom timbers and airbrushed the tank a light yellow color. 

I'm almost finished with the spout detail and will post photos when done.

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