Friday, April 11, 2014

Fiddletown Staion

I finished this little Woodland Scenics station. It's close enough to the Fiddletown station to be used on my current project. This is a cast metal kit. All parts fit together with very little clean-up. 

I primed the parts with Krylon Camo Earth color and then brush-painted the trim with a medium gray. The roof was primed with Krylon Camo Brown and then dry brushed.

After assembly the whole building got a thin wash of raw umber to tone down the brightness. 

Inside there's a figure in every window, blocks of painted wood for furniture, and a small LED to light it up. I found I needed to add a cardboard ceiling inside to prevent light from spilling out from under the roof eves. 

This was fun to build and took about 4 hours total.

1 comment:

  1. I built one of these a few years back. I added an s. s. Limited desk, telegraph sounder, and some other stuff.
    Wish I had thought of the ceiling to stop light leaks.