Saturday, May 5, 2012

Building an EXPO module

The EXPO is a model railroad event I'm very fond of.

It started as the Craftsman Structure Show and has evolved over the years from just being about building model railroad kits and structures to a full-blown railroad show. It embraces all facets of the hobby but emphasizes fine model building in all scales and gauges. Many of the best manufacturer's in North America attend the EXPO. The 2012 EXPO will be held in the heart of railroad country - Strasburg, Pennsylvania.

This year a MODULE category was added. The modules are based upon the NMRA HO module standards with a few cosmetic changes. I've put together a 15 minute video showing how I'm building the scenery on my module. You can download the EXPO module standards and view the video by clicking here.

This video will be followed by part 2 in several weeks.

Enjoy the video.

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