Monday, February 22, 2010

The Parker Grain Company

When I was a kid I was always on the lookout for interesting structures. I always carried a camera and took the time to photograph the buildings that caught my eye.

The structures didn't have to have a run-down appearance just different roof lines, additions and shapes. I also favored structures that served a railroad or were on the water.

This building was the Parker Grain Company and located on a river in Danversport, Massachusetts. It was way past it's prime when I photographed it in 1963.

I've built three models of the Parker Grain Company, all in HO scale. The first model was built from Strathmore card stock using the Jack Work techniques that were described in Model Railroader magazine. The second was from basswood sheets and strips using plastic windows and doors.

My last model was this one, shown in the photo. It's made from Evergreen styrene sheets and trim, Grandt Line doors and windows, and roof details from several plastic kits.

All the models are gone, either sold or destroyed, so it might be time to build it again.

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  1. That's a pretty neat picture and a great story about how it caught your eye, how you modelled it at different times & with different materials/methods. May I ask why you did that? Whas there some reason (different layouts, etc), or "just because I can"?
    Thanks for sharing.