Thursday, December 24, 2009

The future is now.

The more I look around the Internet and see how model railroaders are embracing the podcast and video technologies the more I think this is going to be the greatest informational, teaching and entertainment tool ever devised. You can already download movies and TV shows and watch them when it's convenient so why not model railroad information?

It started with the Scotty Mason Show. This was the first model railroad/structure kit show on the Internet. Jimmy Deignan put the show on iTunes as a free download and the number of listeners just exploded.

If the Scotty Mason Show could afford the band width we could make a video podcast. The one I always mention as the one we should emulate is TWiT - This Week in Technology. It is polished, professional and informative. The band width is still expensive without a willing sponsor.

Our podcast was followed by Ryan Andersen's weekly Model Railcast Show. I was interviewed for this show last week. Show #91. Ryan does an interesting show because it's main thrust is how to get started in model railroading. A topic that's often overlooked by experienced modelers.

Joe Fugate was the pioneer in how-to-do-it video downloads at his Siskiyou Line web site. On this site you can download his instructional videos or buy his DV's. He offers them in several formats, they're inexpensive and the site is very user-friendly.

Joe is also responsible for the free, quarterly Model Railroad Hobbyist eZine. This a a real model railroad magazine that's free to download from the web site. The best part is the great video segments showing you how to perform a particular task. Good stuff, and did I say it's free!

Stay tuned. Things are happening fast.


  1. It is wonderfull to see a pioneer such as yourself take onto technology in such a hands on way.

    Maybe the proverbial American Pie has grown to world wide implications. Only thing left is translations, to truly share the Worlds greatest hobby, to the World.

  2. I agree with Ron - you've gone with the flow, as the hobby has evolved... I am looking forward to your new DVDs on using the new scenery materials!