Saturday, December 19, 2009

eBooks - Classics revisited!

I hope you noticed the eBooks for sale on the my main page. I've taken my two TIPS books and the Toy Train Scenery book and scanned every page. The information in the books is as valid today as it was ten years ago when they were published.

I chose a resolution high enough so that the photos look good and the text can be enlarged several times and still be readable. It was a big challenge and I experimented with dozens of scans to get the dpi just right.

I also needed a file size that was small enough so that modelers with a high speed connection could download the eBooks in a matter of minutes. If you still have a dial-up connection I recommend ordering your book or books on CD. The instructions are included with each book.

The TIPS books are an accumulation of 50 years of craftsman structure and scenery building. Realistic Scenery for Toy Train Layouts explains the simple steps for making good looking scenery. You'll love this eBook when you pull out the train set at Christmas or want a simple set-up for the kids to enjoy. Whether you're a beginner or an expert you'll benefit from reading these classics.

Download a book and check it out. There's a lot of good information here and I've micro-priced the ebooks so that everyone can enjoy them.


  1. I've been collecting tips/tools/techniques that I use frequently, and then going back to see if I can find where I learned them. MOST come from Dave's 2 tip books. (And I remember saying once to someone, "I'll know when I've arrived as a modeler when I come up with a technique that Dave Frary hasn't already documented.")

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (and a great price!)

  2. I've downloaded the first tip book and now that I know the other one is done, I'm heading there to download it now! A great idea, Dave!