Monday, November 3, 2014

Fiddletown display

Here's today's look at the Fiddletown display. It's a 30" by 36" HOn30 model railroad. There are two loops of track - the bottom track is mostly hidden except where the train comes out to cross the bridges.

I still need to build a deck truss bridge for the upper track on the left side and finish wiring it. Having had a cold the flu all fall have slowed me down a lot!

Later this winter I'll post a little about how this was built.


  1. Fantastic. Great inspiration for the little "pizza" layout I started with a hint of Fallberg.

  2. This is a neat little model railroad! I’ve been posting about E. L. Moore’s projects and in his article ‘Down by the depot’ that appeared in the December ’64 issue of Model Railroader ( digression #1) he describes how to build a depot based on Fallberg’s Fiddletown depot ( It was the centerpiece of his Elizabeth Valley Railroad ( Hope you’re feeling better soon and I’m looking forward to your future Fiddletown posts.

  3. I love the F&C! Are there more photos elsewhere?