Saturday, May 31, 2014

Boxed Diorama

I bought a box of dried and salted cod fish - called baccala by the Italians. It made a wonderful winter chowder. 

The fish was packed in a little wooden box with a sliding lid. The box was too nice to throw away so I decided to do something with it. Like most modelers I never throw anything away so the little box became the base of a boxed diorama. 

I left the box on a high shelf for several months so some of the "sea smell" would disappear. When I decided to use it I sealed it with several coats of clear satin varnish and painted the inside of the box white. I installed a watercolor paper curved background and painted sky and clouds on it.

In the box they'll be a stormy sea with this O scale 16' row boat (Atlantic Scale Modelers) being tossed by the swells. I need to modify the figure to look like a fisherman, make a few cod fish, and shorten the oars so they're the correct length. I'll have photos as I build.

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