Friday, February 14, 2014

The little bordello

I built this little one-room bordello from a kit made by Banta Models. I decided to decorate the second story bedroom with wallpaper, a rug, and some furniture left over from the days when I used to review such things for RMC. The furniture is from SS Ltd. - there's a bed, bookcase and a table. I added two HO figures looking out the front and back windows.

To see what's going on I placed a Evans Design pico LED to light things up. The LED is the size of a dot made by a pencil so it need some amplification. I glued a mirror to the underside of the roof to reflect the LED and increase the brightness. After all this is a bordello and you need a mirror on the ceiling!

I tested the LED. The roof is just set in place and the
trim, stairs and other details are not finished. I add a thin sheet of orange diazo film to the top part of the windows to warm-up the light.

Here's the finished bordello set along side several other structures that I've built in the past week or so.

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