Monday, June 3, 2013

Timberline's Photographer's House

About 40 years ago I built the Timberline Photographer's House for a review in RMC. As with most of these structures I only built what the camera saw - In other words the back was blank. The structure ended up, against the backdrop, on my HO Carrabasset & Dead River Ry. I lost the structure when my cellar flooded in 1984.

Last week Bob Hayden found one of the original kits in his storage closet and decided to built it. He made a few changes:
1 - The kit had a glass wall and glass roof on the addition. Bob closed these up with material from the scrap box and added the shingled roof.
2 - He added a field stone foundation from an old embossed stone sheet made by Holgate and Reynolds.     
3 - He added modified Grandt Line shutters, porch posts and railings.
4 - And last, he borrowed the lightning rods from John Mitchell's Skeeter's Fly Dope kit and added them to the roof of this structure.

All in all a nice little kit that brings back memories of the old C&DR Ry. The kit can still be found, now and then, on eBay

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