Sunday, April 8, 2012

There's something very satisfying about building a plastic kit. You start and finish in a reasonable amount of time and you get a nice structure to show for your efforts. This is an IHC Society Hill Townhouse kit that was offered more than 20 years ago. It still may be available from Wm K. Walther's, I haven't checked.

This basic building was used to make 5 or 6 other IHC kits. They changed the lower part of the front of the building, added different windows and window trim, and added and subtracted details from the roof. I'll bet over the years I've built every one of these.

I primed and painted the parts while they were still on the sprue. After assembly I weathered the kit using a very weak burnt umber wash. The total construction time was about 6 hours, not counting paint drying time.

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