Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heki Wild Grass

Scenic Express sells Heki Wildgrass for modeling perfect looking clumps of tall grass. It's sold in several colors and textures.

In the package there's a large sheet of standing grass on a plastic backing. This is the same type of grass you'd get from the Heki Flock Star static grass applicator only the Wildgrass is ready to use.

Just peel a clump of grass from the backing, put a drop of white glue on the back and push it into the scenery. After the glue dries you have a patch of grass that looks like it just grew there.


  1. I like using these "grass clump" products, but I prefer Silflor over Heki. The color mixture in Heki is a bit odd, with strands of dark red and other unnatural hues, whereas Silflor has much more realistic coloring, not to mention many different natural shades representing grasses and other plants in different seasons, as well as different heights. Silflor costs more, but I believe it's worth the extra money for the greater realism it affords.

  2. I thought the clumps of grass looks great. I'll have to try it. Thanks