Sunday, August 1, 2010

New DVD - Easy Scenery

EASY SCENERY from start to finish

My latest DVD is 103 minutes and 23 chapters long. The price is $29.95 plus $4.95 shipping. Available now from my web site.

Learn how to build great looking scenery from start to finish. Using simple tools and materials I show you how to start with cardboard strips, plaster cloth and carved foam to build your base; add rocks and paint them; build a realistic waterway; make trees and finish with scenic details to create scenery for your layout. Doug Foscale and Hal Reynolds add their expertise to demonstrate carving plaster rocks and making bottle-brush trees. This DVD is packed with tips and ideas to help you build better looking scenery. Great for beginners and experts alike.

The 23 chapters include:

Building Mountains

Making rocks - two ways

Ballasting track - the easy way

Coloring rail

Cutting an shaping foam scenery

Painting rocks - two different ways

Modeling water

Adding scenic texture

Building a dirt road

Making weed trees

Making twisted wire trees

And, putting it all together

As a disclaimer I must say that some of the topics included in Building Landforms part 1 & 2 are also included in this DVD. Only in Easy Scenery I use different products, colors and methods to achieve similar results. Easy Scenery takes you to the end of the scenery building process - finished scenery.

Most of the tools and materials used in Easy Scenery can be obtained from Micro Mark.


  1. Thanks for the post, Dave! Will definitely be looking to get it.

    I wanted to ask a question and I guess here is as good as anywhere.

    Several years ago, I bought a 2-tape Scenery set on VHS from Micro Mark you produced. You showed how to do the plaster settings, all the way to flocking and planting trees. I don't remember the exact title of that series offhand. I think it's the same as Item #82868 at Micromark.

    I see you have a set now of 4 DVDs. Is this a whole different set?

    Thanks for everything! I love watching you work and scenery is my favorite part of model railroads.

  2. I like the new DVD. I appreciate showing multiple approaches, e.g. styrofoam and cardboard strips, Doug Foscale's carving techniques and plaster rock castings, etc.

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